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British Foreign Office Documents on Iran, Mossadegh, 1953 Coup | 1951-1954

This archive collects British Foreign Office documents on Iran, Premier Mohammad Mossadegh, the Shah, oil negotiations, Anglo-American relations and the 1953 coup. The transcribed documents, once top secret, are supplemented with in-depth analysis, footnotes, annotations and other background information, with regular updates to follow.

British House of Commons | Iran Archive
British House of Lords | Iran Archive
U.S. State Department | Iran Archive
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) | Iran Archive
National Security Council (NSC) | Iran Archive
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC/BP) | Iran Archive
International Court of Justice | Iran Archive

British Foreign Office Documents

The Communist Danger in Persia | October 1952 (undated)

Charge d’Affaires George Middleton’s Letter to Foreign Office | October 6, 1952

Resumption of Relations With Britain | Christopher Gandy | October 13, 1953

Pierson Dixon, Henry Byroade Discuss Iran in Bermuda | December 8, 1953

How British Charge d’Affaires Denis Wright Got Wrong-Footed in Iran | December 25, 1953

Persian Oil: Anthony Eden Confirms Iran Oil Consortium Plans | January 4, 1954

Anthony Eden’s Meeting With Sir William Fraser on Iranian Oil | January 11, 1954

Relations Between the Shah and Her Majesty’s Embassy at Tehran | January 16, 1954

Middle East: Anglo-American Policy | Roger Makins | January 25, 1954

Anthony Eden: AIOC Deserves 44% Share of Iranian Oil | February 22, 1954

Cabinet Talks Percentage, Compensation Re: Iranian Oil | March 17, 1954

Entezam’s Contrived “Interview” With Shapoor Reporter | March 27, 1954

U.S., British Officials Iron Out Oil Consortium Wrinkles | June 15, 1954

Iran Oil Consortium Nearing Agreement | Anthony Eden | July 27, 1954

Letters and Telegrams

Correspondence between His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and the Persian Government, and Related Documents concerning the Oil Industry in Persia — February 1951 to September 1951

Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden’s Letter to Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh | October 5, 1952

Fazlollah Zahedi & Winston Churchill’s Friendly Messages After 1953 Coup | September 3-8, 1953

Anthony Eden, Abdollah Entezam’s Messages on Iran Oil Deal | August 5, 1954

Sec. of State John Foster Dulles and Anthony Eden’s Messages on Iran Oil Deal | August 5, 1954

Foreign Office Statements

Statement on Breakdown of Iran Oil Talks (Harriman-Stokes Mission) | August 23, 1951

Prime Minister Clement Attlee’s Message to Oil Workers | August 23, 1951

Statement on Iran Oil Consortium | August 5, 1954

British Economic Record

British Economic Record — 1949-1955


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