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British Foreign Office Documents on Iran, Mossadegh, 1953 Coup | 1951-1954

This archive collects British Foreign Office documents on Iran, Premier Mohammad Mossadegh, the Shah, oil negotiations, Anglo-American relations and the 1953 coup. The transcribed documents, once top secret, are supplemented with in-depth analysis, footnotes, annotations and other background information, with regular updates to follow.

U.S. State Department Documents on Iran
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Documents on Iran
National Security Council (NSC) documents on Iran
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC/BP) | Archive

British Foreign Office Documents

The Communist Danger in Persia | October 1952 (undated)

Charge d’Affaires George Middleton’s Letter to Foreign Office | October 6, 1952

Resumption of Relations With Britain | Christopher Gandy | October 13, 1953

Pierson Dixon, Henry Byroade Discuss Iran in Bermuda | December 8, 1953

Persian Oil: Anthony Eden Confirms Iran Oil Consortium Plans | January 4, 1954

Anthony Eden’s Meeting With Sir William Fraser on Iranian Oil | January 11, 1954

Relations Between the Shah and Her Majesty’s Embassy at Tehran | January 16, 1954

Middle East: Anglo-American Policy | Roger Makins | January 25, 1954

Anthony Eden: AIOC Deserves 44% Share of Iranian Oil | February 22, 1954

Cabinet Talks Percentage, Compensation Re: Iranian Oil | March 17, 1954

Entezam’s Contrived “Interview” With Shapoor Reporter | March 27, 1954

U.S., British Officials Iron Out Oil Consortium Wrinkles | June 15, 1954

Iran Oil Consortium Nearing Agreement | Anthony Eden | July 27, 1954

British Foreign Office Statement on Iran Oil Consortium | August 5, 1954

Letters and Telegrams

Correspondence between His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and the Persian Government, and Related Documents concerning the Oil Industry in Persia — February 1951 to September 1951

Zahedi & Churchill’s Friendly Messages After 1953 Coup | Sept. 3-8, 1953

Anthony Eden, Abdollah Entezam’s Messages on Iran Oil Deal | Aug. 5, 1954

Sec. Dulles and Anthony Eden’s Messages on Iran Oil Deal | August 5, 1954

British Economic Record

British Economic Record — 1949-1955


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