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Archive of documents from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague, Netherlands, aka the World Court. The papers form part of the legal record of the dispute between Britain and Iran over the nationalization of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

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May 26, 1951 - July 22, 1952 | Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Case: Pleadings, Oral Arguments, Documents

June 22, 1951 | B: Request for the Indication of Interim Measures of Protection

October 10, 1951 | C: Memorial; Written Documents Concerning the Preliminary Objection

February 4, 1952 | Preliminary Observations: Refusal by the Imperial Government to accept the jurisdiction of the Court
(French only)

March 24, 1952 | Observations and Submissions Presented by the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland In Regard to the Preliminary Objection Lodged by the Imperial Government of Iran

Part III: Other Documents Submitted to the Court

Part IV: Correspondence

Oral Proceedings

June 30 - July 5, 1951 | Oral Proceedings Concerning Interim Measures of Protection | Minutes of the Sittings Held on June 30th and July 5th, 1951

June 9 - July 22, 1952 | Oral Proceedings Concerning the Preliminary Objection | Minutes of the Sittings Held From June 9th to 23rd and July 22, 1952


July 22, 1952 | Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Case (United Kingdom v. Iran) Preliminary Objection | Judgment of July 22, 1952

   • Summary of the Judgment of July 22, 1952

   • Individual Opinion of President McNair

   • Dissenting Opinion of Judge Alvarez (translation)

   • Dissenting Opinion of Judge Hackworth

   • Dissenting Opinion of Judge Read

   • Dissenting Opinion of Judge Levi Carneiro (translation)


July 5, 1951 | Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Case (United Kingdom v. Iran) Order of July 5th, 1951

   • Dissenting Opinion of Judges Winiarski and Badawi Pasha

August 22, 1951 | Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Case (United Kingdom v. Iran) Preliminary Objection | Order of August 22, 1951

December 20, 1951 | Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Case (United Kingdom v. Iran) | Order of December 20, 1951

February 11, 1952 | Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Case (United Kingdom v. Iran) | Order of February 11, 1952

ICJ Press Releases

May 28, 1951 | ICJ Communiqué No. 51/22

United Kingdom files application instituting proceedings against Iran

June 25, 1951 | ICJ Communiqué No. 51/26

The Court will open public sittings for the hearing on June 30, 1951

August 27, 1951 | ICJ Communiqué No. 51/28

Order by ICJ President extending the time limits for the filings of Britain and Iran

December 8, 1951 | ICJ Communiqué No. 51/54

Hossein Navab appointed Agent before the Court in the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Case

February 11, 1952 | ICJ Communiqué No. 52/1

Iran files document "Preliminary observations: refusal by the Imperial Government to recognize the jurisdiction of the Court"

March 28, 1952 | ICJ Communiqué No. 52/2

Hearings in the AIOC case will begin at the Hague on May 6, 1952 at 11:00am

April 8, 1952 | ICJ Communiqué No. 52/3

Per Iran’s request, the opening of Preliminary Objection proceedings is postponed

May 21, 1952 | ICJ Communiqué No. 52/11

The opening of oral proceedings at the Hague is set for June 9th, 1952 at 11:00am

June 6, 1952 | ICJ Communiqué No. 52/12

Iran and Britain announce their agents and counsels for the oral hearings

July 19, 1952 | ICJ Communiqué No. 52/16

The Judgment in the AIOC case will be read publicly at the Hague on July 22, 1952

July 22, 1952 | ICJ Communiqué No. 52/17

By a 9-5 vote, the Court decides it lacks jurisdiction in the AIOC case


ARTICLE 94 | Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs (1955) Vol. 5, Chapter XIV


British Pathé, June 14, 1951: “International Court at Hague meets to decide on Persian oil dispute

Full Description: SLATE INFORMATION: International Court and Persian Oil

NETHERLANDS: South Holland:

The Hague: INT ANGLO IRANIAN OIL CO. International Court meeting at Hague to decide case..No Iranian delegate present.. Sir Frank Soskice states British case

THE HAGUE. Shots of International Court.. Meeting to decide British case against Iran over nationalisation of Oilfields...Sir Frank Soskice speaks for Britain..No Iranian delegate

INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE - Hague Meeting at Hague under Presidency of Professor Basdevant to hear British case on Nationalisation of Oilfields in Iran..Barristers enter.. shots courtroom..Sir Frank Soskice speaks for Britain..Table for Iranian delegation empty

SIR FRANK SOSKICE. Britain's Attorney General speaks for Britain at International Court at Hague .. deciding question of nationalisation of Oilfields

The Netherlands; Crime, Justice and Law Enforcement”



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