Mohammad Mossadegh Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh (1882-1967) was a lawyer, professor, author, Governor, Parliament member, Finance Minister, Foreign Minister and democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran.

Mossadegh fought both internal corruption and foreign interference, enacted social reforms and nationalized the Iranian oil industry.

In 1953, he was overthrown by a British-American coup, arrested and tried as a traitor in military tribunal court. It was the CIA’s first successful dismantling of a foreign government, and Iran has not known democracy since.

Dr. Hossein Fatemi Hossein Fatemi (1919-1954) was an Iranian journalist and newspaper publisher who became the most vital member of Premier Mossadegh’s nationalist government; serving as Deputy Prime Minister, official spokesman, and, at the age of 33, the youngest Foreign Minister in Iran’s history. After the 1953 coup, he was stabbed, beaten and finally executed by firing squad.

“There is no better way to govern Iran than democracy and social justice!” — Mohammad Mossadegh

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