Opportunity For Saving Face?
November 23, 1951 — The Advocate

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An editorial in The Advocate daily newspaper, serving Northwestern and Western Tasmania, Australia.

The Advocate (Northwestern and Western Tasmania, Australia)


THE new plan for resolving the Persian oil dispute should give the Mossadeq Government an opportunity for face-saving, and in so doing confer the best possible service on the country. Dr. Mossadeq failed in his effort to create a cleavage between Britain and the U.S., and secure badly needed money to save Persia from bankruptcy.

If the plan that the World Bank should be given control is accepted, it will do immense service to Britain as well as to Persia, and remove any threat from Russia. It is not to be feared that Russia may invade Persia, but if the economy of the country is reduced to chaos, the forces which always serve Communism will be released beyond the control of the Teheran Government.

That is the real menace. It is likewise a menace in Egypt, but there the distance from Russia is a safeguard. If there were only a Persian settlement, the other problem might also yield to reason. But this is taking the optimistic view.

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