Deaf to the Voice of Reason
September 27, 1951 — The Advocate

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An editorial in The Advocate newspaper, serving Northwestern and Western Tasmania, Australia.

Australian media archive

The Advocate (Northwestern and Western Tasmania, Australia)


PERSIA appears to be deaf to the voice of reason. This is a bad thing for the country and for the outside world as well. Particularly will India feel the pinch of the oil shortage, and it will have an effect on sterling reserves, not to speak of the direct loss of revenue to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co., which will be borne largely by British interests.

While it has been apparent that the Persian Prime Minister, Dr. Mossadeq, has been animated by his hatred of the foreigner, it would appear that this feeling is fully shared by others. [“hatred”?] The Leader of the Opposition is reported to have urged Dr. Mossadeq to maintain a firm line with the British, and at the same time to be “wary of Communist strength.” Persian feeling does not seem to be inclined towards Russia, but puts all foreign interests in the one category.

Reason dictates the need for collaboration between all countries which value freedom. But Persia, by weakening its national economy, will be opening the gateway to Russian imperialistic designs.


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