Mossadegh’s Handwritten Will
Ahmadabad — December 11, 1965

Ebrahim Norouzi, MD
The Mossadegh Project | February 26, 2005                     

Mossadegh's handwritten will On December 11, 1965 (Azar 20, 1344) while under house arrest in Ahmadabad, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh wrote a two-page handwritten will.

He began by instructing that his funeral be attended only by his children and close relatives. He wished to be buried in the Freedom Cemetery where “martyrs of 30 Tir” (the 1952 uprising in which many of his supporters died), as well as his loyal Foreign Minister, Dr. Hossein Fatemi, were buried.

He then tended to financial aspects, bequeathing his real estate holdings to his children with instructions on how to use the income produced from the first two years after his death. The first year’s proceeds were to go to more than a dozen of his employees whose names are listed on the second page, and the remaining funds were to be used for “prayer, fasting and hadj” in his name.

The money earned during the second year was to be used for the purchase of a suitable land, building renovation or construction for a student club at Tehran University. He added that if another will resurfaces, such as the one lost during the looting and destruction of his house, it should be considered null and void.

It should be noted that Mossadegh’s last wishes were not honored. The Shah did not even allow his request for a modest funeral for close members of his family and friends. His request for burial in the Freedom Cemetery was also denied.

Mossadegh’s body was unceremoniously buried in the floor of his house in Ahmadabad.

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