Give Him A Good Scolding
August 3, 1952 — The Ogden Standard-Examiner

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This was the lead editorial in The Ogden Standard-Examiner newspaper of Ogden, Utah on Sunday morning, August 3, 1952.

Mossadegh Is Bad Medicine

Premier Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran is bad medicine for his country and by the same token for the western allies. He is bad medicine because his fanatical policies play into the hands of the Iranian communists who are eagerly awaiting opportunity to seize power in Iran in behalf of the Soviet Union and thus provide the Soviets with a long-awaited break through into the Suez region.

Mossadegh at the moment is dictator and strong man in Iran. The shah is afraid of him. In fact the shah seems to be afraid of everything and everybody. And Mossadegh is crafty.

After his parliament lost confidence in Mossadegh for his failure to solve the oil controversy with Britain and start the flow of funds again to the Iranian treasury, Mossadegh made virtual civil war against his successor. The successor was Ahmad Ghavam Sultaneh, who is described as a reasonable man. But Mossadegh’s followers with the aid of communists caused so many riotous disorders Mossadegh was called back to power.

It is now reported that Mossadegh intends to visit the United States to appeal for financial aid which is badly needed for the bankrupt Iran but which would not be needed if the fanatical Mossadegh would settle the controversy with Britain and get the great oil business going again to enrich the Iranian treasury. [It was a false report]

His coming will permit the United States to give Mossadegh a good scolding and attempt to persuade him to mend his ways, so that order and solvency may return to Iran and so that the reds may be frustrated in their efforts to dominate the country.

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