She Can Only Blame Herself
June 28, 1951 — The Mudgee Guardian

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The Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative in the town of Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia often printed their editorials on the front page under the heading “Some Sidelights Upon Life To-Day”. This one bashed the Socialists in Britain, arguing that Iran was merely following her example by nationalizing its oil industry.

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Inconsistency of Britain

Few thoughtful people can follow the Attlee Government in Britain through its maze of prohibitions, seizures, abandonments, and savage taxation. [Clement Attlee] In the mining, railway and steel industries of Great Britain, many foreigners had money invested. Did the British Government consider these people for one minute when they forcibly nationalised those big industries? Not at all. They simply took control, paid what they thought a fair price and left thousands of shareholders lamenting.

Yet, when Persia says she is determined to nationalise the oil industry within her borders, there is a terrible outcry from the British Government, who should, if they were really sincere, have welcomed the move as another grand step towards the Socialistic millenium. Britain is being kicked out of Persia and she can blame only herself because she set the example which Persia is following faithfully.

Incidentally, this is not the only case in which the British Government seems to be following a policy of grabbing all they can and giving as little as possible in return. Australian primary producers can tell an interesting story about that. The more one studies Britain’s position the more one is prompted to fear that history may date the downfall of the great British Empire from the day Attlee and his wild men were elected to power. Dr. Malan, South African P.M., is sure of it. “The Empire is doomed”, he said recently. [D. F. Malan]

One cannot help sympathising with the great British people, who bore so much uncomplainingly during the war and who are now being exploited and kicked about by political cranks. Their road to salvation is going to be rough and tough.

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