Too Close For Comfort

August 15, 1952 — The Daily Notes

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Editorial in The Daily Notes newspaper of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

The Daily Notes (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania)


THE UNITED STATES probably will be the scapegoat of Iranian politicians for some time to come. Fortunately, this is part of a general outbreak of anti-foreign feeling which is directed against Russia, too.

The motivations of Mossadegh and his rabble-rousers are mixed. They range all the way from a desire to keep Iran neutral in a clash between the Soviet Union and this country to pique over the fact that we have extended considerably more aid to Greece and Turkey than to Iran.

Last year Greece got $179,000,000, Turkey got $70,000,000, and Iran only $23,800,000, mostly under the Point Four program. Mossadegh’s application for a direct loan of $120,000,000 was turned down last March because the country was not utilizing its own oil resources; and the Export-Import Bank turned down an application for a $25,000,000 loan because Iran was unprepared to state the purpose for which the money was to be used. Military aid also was discontinued for several months because Iran withheld assurances as to the use of this money, too. But what was regarded in Washington as a matter of businesslike prudence has been twisted by the Iranian nationalists into proof of prejudice against their country.

It is pretty hard to argue with such impassioned people. And it is impossible to give in to them. But Washington cannot just wash its hands of Teheran either. The Russians are too close for comfort—even if Mossadegh does want to keep them out. The trouble is that he is creating conditions which may make it easier for the Communists to move in. That we must prevent, if we possibly can. And so we must continue to strive for some kind of agreement.


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