Hossein Makki To Stay in Tehran

Top Secret CIA Bulletin: October 12, 1951

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CIA Documents on Iran, Mossadegh, 1953 Coup | 1951-1954

An excerpt from a CIA bulletin on current world events: two items on the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute, followed by a comment.

CIA Documents | IRAN 1951-1978

12 October 1951

Office of Current Intelligence


2. Iranian oil commission head refuses to return to Abadan:

[excised box to the left]

Parliamentary Deputy Makki now intends to remain in Tehran rather than to return to Abadan, where he has headed the Joint Oil Commission. [Hossein Makki] He has declared that the expulsion of the British technicians concluded his duties in Abadan and that another committee member has taken over the responsibility for supervising the administration of the oil industry. The US Ambassador in Tehran believes that Makki is unwilling to be held responsible for the difficult job of coping with the unemployment and unrest which are expected in Abadan. [Loy Henderson]

Comment: Makki, one of the popular leaders of the National Front, often acts as Prime Minister Mossadeq’s right hand man. His political ambitions may account for his presence in Tehran during the Prime Minister’s absence. He is the most demogogic and opportunistic of the National Front deputies and has been a prime factor in the past in whipping up nationalistic sentiment.

3. Anglo-American Security Council Resolution on Iran to be released on 12 October:

[excised box to the left]

October: The American-British draft resolution requesting the reopening of negotiations on the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute will be released to the press on 12 October, after Prime Minister Mossadeq has seen it. Sir Gladwyn Jebb has stated further that Great Britain wanted the text published on schedule even if seven votes in support of it had not yet been assured. [British Ambassador to the United Nations]

Comment: Release of the text of the resolution to the press may complicate the situation. Prime Minister Mossadeq, when expressing a desire to reopen negotiations prior to Security Council consideration, stated that his strong presentation of Iran’s case to the UN would preclude further negotiations. Publication of the draft accordingly may persuade him that he has been denied the opportunity of private negotiations and could induce him to concentrate on refuting the Security Council’s competence

• Declassified by the Central Intelligence Agency on January 16, 2004.

[Annotations by Arash Norouzi]

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