STAMPS In the News by Syd Kronish
Iranian Stamps Highlighted in AP Column (1953-54)

The Mossadegh Project | March 8, 2013    

These are excerpts from Syd Kronish’s syndicated Associated Press column all about postage stamps from around the world. His Sept. 18, 1954 entry included a set of Iranian stamps commemorating 28 Mordad, the August 1953 overthrow of Premier Mossadegh’s government. A dedicated philatelist, Kronish maintained his AP Newsfeatures column on stamps for over 50 years.

April 4, 1953
STAMPS In the News

From Iran, one of the world’s troubled spots, as far as recent news developments are concerned, comes word of a new airmail set. There are 10 different values bearing the same design. The colors vary on each. Depicted is a Constellation type plane flying over an ancient religious temple. The Shah’s profile portrait appears in the upper right corner of the adhesive. The values range from the 1 rial to 200 rials.

September 18, 1954
STAMPS In the News

Iran has issued an interesting set of three new stamps. The set commemorates the first anniversary of the uprising against Premier Mossadegh which led to the return of the Shah.

Each stamp has a symbolic design. The 3 rials depicts a hand holding a torch of liberty. The 2 rials shows a man breaking the chains of bondage. The 5 rials pictures a man clutching the flag of Iran to his chest.

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