The Oil Grabbers
April 26, 1951 — U.S. Editorial

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Russia And Oil

Global world production of petroleum is approximately 10,500,000 barrels daily, of which the United States produces 52 percent and Russia 8 percent. To engage in all-out, world-wide deviltry, Russia needs more oil.

Current reports that Russia is infiltrating into Iran as a gateway to Asiatic oil are proof Russia has never forgotten that the Middle Asiatic fields produce 17 percent of the world’s oil, and can be made to produce more.

If Iranian oil were added to Russia’s supply; the Soviet would not come near matching the United States, but there would be enough for a Russian war economy. This country’s oil supply is supplemented by rich fields in Latin America, particularly Venezuela. Canada has also gained in importance as an oil producer.

Students of world strategy have long recognized the fact that if Russia is in earnest about world conquest, its first big step in that direction will be to assure itself of Asiatic oil resources. A Soviet move into Iran will lead to other moves into Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrein, the great producing fields of Asia, and will be a tip-off that Russia is determined to drive ahead to the end of the road.

Newspapers that published this editorial included:

The Daily Chronicle (Centralia, Washington) — April 26, 1951 (title: Russia Needs Iran Oil To Carry on Global War)
The Evening Independent (Massillon, Ohio) — April 26, 1951
The Winchester Evening Star (Winchester, Virginia) — April 28, 1951
The Independent-Record (Helena, Montana) — April 30, 1951
The News (Frederick, Maryland) — May 2, 1951
The Towanda Daily Review (Towanda, Pennsylvania) — May 3, 1951
The Lima News (Lima, Ohio) — May 9, 1951


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