Mossadegh Speech: March 20, 1953

Historic Radio Address on Oil Talks (AUDIO)

Arash Norouzi

The Mossadegh Project | September 8, 2023                     

Have a listen to this rare, high quality recording of a radio address by Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh. Airing on the eve of Norouz (Persian New Year), Mossadegh took to the airwaves to explain why he rejected the latest American and British oil proposals.

The U.S. and Britain wanted Iran to compensate the former Anglo-Iranian Oil Company for future lost revenue through the expiration of the oil concession in 1993.

In addition to its historical value, the audio quality is crystal clear, making it an ideal record of the sound of Mossadegh’s voice.

• Source: Iran International (Resonance of History podcast)

• Producer/host: Abdollah Abdi

• Language: Persian (Farsi)

• Length: 14 minutes

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After 1953 Coup, Henderson Scorns Iranian Conspiracy Theorists
After 1953 Coup in Iran, Ambassador Loy Henderson Scorns Iranian Conspiracy Theorists


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