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August 1, 1952 — The Wilmington Morning Star

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A Wilmington, North Carolina newspaper editorial from 1952.

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It is time for the people to begin considering the qualifications of future congressional candidates, not so much from the viewpoint of their probable election, which is the main consideration nowadays, but from the viewpoint of their ability to serve the best interests of the nation. It is time, to put it bluntly, to do away with the political boss as the dominating power in either party, and seek as nominees only the men who possess integrity of the highest order, independence in their thinking, and an underlying strata of loyalty to the country.

When we have a Congress made up exclusively of such men, there need be no question of adequate checks and balances over the executive branch of government. They will be maintained automatically. And when this day comes, the United States will have dispelled the clouds of corruption, the stench of evil that have risen to high heaven in these recent years.

There are many thoroughly honest men in both branches of Congress. But their powers are reduced by party machines, and their voices all but silenced by the “liberals,” who often better deserve to be labeled “radicals” who have won their seats through aid from party bosses.

If American politics in the present stage of ill health is to be diagnosed by a single word, that word is “bossism.”

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