Diplomacy For Fun and Profit
November 20, 1951 — The Utica Observer-Dispatch

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Just after Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh returned home from the U.S., a Utica, New York newspaper took some editorial jabs at the Iranian leader — Tuesday, November 20, 1951.

‘Mossy’ and the Money

Premiers, kings and prime ministers come to the United States for (1) some federal money and (2) a good time.

Premier Mossadegh of Iran spent some time in a government hospital in Washington, for free, and since “Mossy” likes to cry and be seized with pains here and there he no doubt had a good time on his American visit.

But the Iranian weak-strong man didn’t get the money he came after. He got a little from the International Monetary Fund but nothing like the $50 million he hoped to take back, plus a promise for as much again and more on future delivery. [Mossadegh was asking for a $120 million U.S. loan]

“Mossy” tried the old gag—if you don’t help us we’ll turn to Russia. [Oh, what exactly did he say?] The trouble with that gimmick is that if Mossadegh turned to Moscow he’d be signing his own death warrant, eventually if not now. And we know it and so does he.

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