"U.S. Plans New Mediation Effort In Iran Dispute"
October 25, 1951 — United Press [UPI]

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New Try Set In Settlement On Iran’s Oil
U.S. Officials Encouraged By Results Of Previous Negotiations

WASHINGTON, Oct. 25—(UP)— U.S. officials, encouraged by results of previous talks, scheduled a new mediation effort today in the British-Iranian oil crisis.

Informed sources said Iranian Premier Mohammed Mossadegh will discuss his country’s quarrel with Britain in the course of a visit to the Middleburg, Va., [Virginia] farm of Assistant Secretary of State George C. McGhee.

Acheson Leaves

In working for resumption of Anglo-Iranian negotiations, McGhee will be acting for Secretary of State Dean Acheeon.

Acheson left today for the United Nations General Assembly meeting in Paris. He and McGhee had a last-minute conference before Acheson left by train for New York on his way to Paris.

Diplomatic informants said “progress” in the talks here will he reported to Britain in hope of early resumption of negotiations.

Government Optimistic

Official U.S. sources said this government was optimistic that British and Iranians could be brought together again following Britain’s elections. They hoped a decision could be reached before Iranian Premier Mohammed Mossadegh leaves Washington in the next few days.

“We are doing our utmost to bring the two sides together again,” a State Department spokesman said following Secretary of State Dean Acheson’s 2 1/2 hour conference yesterday with Mossadegh.

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