Columnist Hoorays Coup, “Democratic” Shah

August 21, 1953 — United Press [UP]

The Mossadegh Project | July 13, 2012                     

Another stunning display of chutzpah in this excerpt from a piece published Friday, August 21, 1953 — two days after the overthrow of Mossadegh. UP columnist Walter G. Rundle listed three “good” developments in the news that week and three “bad”, the freshly occurred Iran coup being tops in his “good” column.

Week’s Balance Sheet Between Good
And Bad News in Hot and Cold Wars

United Press Staff Correspondent

The week’s balance sheet between the good and bad news in the hot and cold wars:

The Good
1. In Tehran nationalistic, Communist-coddling Premier Mohammed Mossadegh was ousted from office by Iranian army forces loyal to democratic, pro-Western Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi. The collapse of Mossadegh’s dictatorial regime, which defiantly resisted all efforts during 2½ years to settle the troublesome Anglo-Iranian oil dispute, removed a major thorn from the side of the West in the strategic Middle East. While deploring the violence with which the coup was carried out, Western governments believe the change greatly improves the chances for a British-Iranian settlement: may exert a restraining influence on the spread of violent nationalism in that turbulent area.


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