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August 26, 1953 — TRIBUNE

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There are numerous problems with this short post-coup piece from TRIBUNE, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA).

The title refers to Morocco, but contains no relevant content. The Shah, they claimed, was “anti-British”, and the pro-Soviet Tudeh party were Persian patriots who would soon overcome the Shah’s “forest of bayonets”. They were correct about the American role in the 1953 coup, however.

TRIBUNE (Sydney, Australia) Communist newspaper

US hand in Iran and Morocco

American cloak and dagger diplomacy was behind moves to restore the corrupt Shah of Iran to his throne.

IN Iran, US Agent-General Schwarzkopf [Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf] has been the Shah’s “mailed fist”. He was appointed in 1942 to the post of advisor to the Government on the organisation and training of its police force.

Holding this job for six years, Schwarzkopf built the police into a ruthless instrument.

Schwarzkopf was appointed US Agent-General about two years ago and his interference in Iran’s internal affairs has brought many protests.

Ever since Iran nationalised the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company the US has played a double game, pretending to be sympathetic to Britain but plotting to seize the oil by securing a sympathetic regime in Iran.

The Shah has returned openly anti-British. [Oh?] His Prime Minister, General Zahedi, [Fazlollah Zahedi] is a former Nazi collaborator and also anti-British.

The US has temporarily won the advantage, but the final round has yet to be fought.

The Shah is sheltering behind a forest of bayonets. The extremely powerful people’s movement, led by the Tudeh Party, is adamant that Iran shall belong to the Iranians; that the oil wealth shall be used to benefit the masses.

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