Extremist Nationalization
May 22, 1951 — The Northern Star

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This lead editorial in The Northern Star newspaper of the eastern coastal town of Lismore in New South Wales, Australia not only reads like an AIOC propaganda sheet, but contains numerous bizarre statements. At the time, Mossadegh, who was not referenced, had been Prime Minister for less than a month.

The Northern Star (Lismore, New South Wales, Australia)

Russia Exploits Danger In Persia

ONE OF THE MAJOR factors behind today’s Middle East unrest—illuminated in bold relief by the oil flare-up in Persia and that country’s acceptance of a Russian offer for Soviet troops to occupy the province of Azerbaijan [???] —is Moscow’s intensified support of extremist nationalisation in this troubled area.

Teaming up toward common goals of the extreme right and left, of Fascist nationalism and Communism, is not entirely novel to the Western world. Hitler and Stalin once had a non-aggression pact, but in this important area it is fairly new, with dangerous potentialities.

There is little to suggest that there is direct liaison or planned co-operation between the Communists and right-wing extremists; rather are there two parallel efforts towards the same goals,the extreme nationalists inspired by their own fanaticism and the Communists, inspired by directives to cause as much trouble as possible. Thus, in Iran, the Tudeh (Communist) Party is concerned with spreading discontent in the oilfield areas, and the extremists, who have successfully introduced the nationalisation bill, are demanding expropriation.

Obviously, the native extremists and Communists do have certain objectives in common. Both are likely to be anti-British and anti-American and both want the oil wells not only nationalised but expropriated away from Britain and America. [What does America have to do with the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company?]

Communist ideology has never made much impression on the Middle East peoples, the teachings of Israel and the invulnerable position of the wealthy upper class having proved effective barriers to wholesale indoctrination, [???] but direct exploitation of nationalist sentiments is proving a better lever as indicated by Persia’s willingness to accept the Russian occupation offer if Britain should send troops into the Abadan oilfields.

Moscow propaganda must be proving effective in this area when it is recalled that only a few years ago the Kremlin, by seeking to seize Iran’s Azerbaijan Province stirred up hostility among the nationalists of all complexions. [Right, so why is nationalism only bad when it involves Western powers?]

This propaganda could also pay further dividends. While the area remains in turmoil, it will become less useful as a source of raw materials and oil to the West, and makes available to Russia the opportunity for intimate exploitation. The outright rejection by Persia of British demands for negotiation and international arbitration [absolute poppycock] is the Persian guarantee that, even at the risk of war, that opportunity will be given.

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