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August 19, 1953 — The News

Arash Norouzi
The Mossadegh Project | October 26, 2017                     

The 1953 coup in Iran

Although August 19, 1953 was the day Iranian Premier Mohammad Mossadegh was overthrown, many newspapers around the world were oblivious to this, instead running feverish editorials about how he was firmly in control. Reading them today, the irony is obvious.

The News of Adelaide, Australia, a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, ran this lead and sole editorial based on this widespread impression. Their reaction to the confirmed demise of Mossadegh, The Volcano of Persia, came on August 21st.

Australian media archive

The News (Adelaide, Australia)

Middle East setback

BY crushing an abortive attempt to overthrow his Government, Dr. Mossadeq has tightened his dictatorial hold on Persia. [How so?]

Ever since he kicked out the British two years ago, Mossadeq has been trying to get rid of the Shah. [Not true.] Now he has succeeded — ironically, with the Shah’s help.

A question puzzling observers is why the Shah delayed his coup for so long. If he had tried it 12 or even six months ago he would have had infinitely more chance of bringing it off. [How so?]

Was the Shah actually seeking an excuse to send himself into temporary exile? His move was half-hearted and badly organised. As already demonstrated in Egypt and Syria, a dictator must have solid Army support. Mossadeq obviously has that backing. [“Obviously”]

In any event, this is another setback in the Middle East for the Western Powers, who can do little either diplomatically or militarily. The Soviet can send in troops if foreign soldiers set foot on Persian soil.

Although Mossadeq professes to be violently anti-Communist, he has tacitly accepted encouragement from the Tudeh (Communist) Party. [How so?] For the West, the gloomy conclusion is that Persia daily is being drawn closer to the Soviet orbit. [How so?]

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