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March 4, 1953 — The Mercury

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An editorial from The Mercury newspaper of Hobart, Tasmania in Australia, following the No’he Esfand episode in Tehran.

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THE situation in Persia remains somewhat confused, but it seems that the Premier (Dr. Mossadeq) has won in another trial of strength with the Shah, or rather with the elements he had not been able to win away from the Shah.

Dr. Mossadeq’s aim is to secure complete control of the army and police, and with it to found a dictatorship of a virulently nationalist type. [No] Rioting in the past few days, amounting almost to revolt, shows that the army is split in its loyalties. Formerly it stood solidly behind the royal family.

Since he emerged from obscurity a couple of years ago to win public acclaim for the seizure of the Anglo-Iranian oil plants, [AIOC] Dr. Mossadeq has become adept in the use of mob pressure. After the Shah had got rid of him last year it was this which brought him back to the premiership after a few days. [Mossadegh resigned in July 1952, he was not ridden out]

However, the plum of control of Persia may fall eventually, not into the lap of Dr. Mossadeq, but into that of the Communist Tudeh Party. This organisation, although outlawed, still exerts a strong influence, sometimes for the Premier, and sometimes against him.

A stable form of regime is being undermined; Persia, whose prosperity depended on oil, is coming closer to grave economic difficulties. It is a familiar pattern to the Communists, which they have played a big part in weaving.

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