Real Grievances
May 16, 1951 — The Advocate

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Lead editorial in The Advocate daily newspaper, serving Northwestern and Western Tasmania, Australia. Motto: “Fair and Impartial”.

The Advocate (Northwestern and Western Tasmania, Australia)


WE are greatly interested in this country in Persian oil. From Abadan we receive large supplies of petrol, and the threat of nationalisation by an effete and corrupt Government is very real. Apparently there was some lack of co-operation between Britain and the U.S. over the handling of the dispute, but now it is stated that alignment has been about reached.

We are not in a position to say whether the Persian Government has not some real grievances or whether the Persian workers have received a fair deal. It is stated that negotiations are proceeding so as to protect the interests of the Anglo-Iranian Co. on the one hand, and on the other to give the Government a larger share of the profits “to carry out special reforms.” No doubt reforms are crying for execution, but, like the control of the industry, if it were nationalised, the prospects are not bright.

Persia is a democracy in form, but the control is described as being by “a small group of landlords, tribal chiefs and rich merchants.” The former Premier [Ali Razmara] was murdered, and his successor has shut himself up in the Majlis—Parliamentary building—to ensure his safety. [Mohammad Mossadegh] One opinion is that it is impossible to say where the real power in the country resides. The only hope for stability is that the various interests may be persuaded, with the aid of liberal subventions, that nationalisation would be disastrous to the Persian economy.


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