White Man’s Burden
August 22, 1953 — The Spartanburg Herald

The Mossadegh Project | March 14, 2019                      

A prescient (yet still timely) vintage editorial from a Spartanburg, South Carolina newspaper, published just three days after the U.S. helped crush Iran’s young democracy. ‘High ideals’, indeed...

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The Matter of World Power

What does it profit a nation to rule the whole world? That may be the question the English are turning over in their minds, these days, as they are being suspected of wanting enthusiasm for world domination and direction.

The British have had more recent experience in “Ruling the Wave” than any other nation still operating. And, it may be, they are appraising, in the light of experience, the results.

World power is a recent experience for the United States having entered this field with high purposes and with ideals, an element of disillusion is being reflected in our impatience for results. Perhaps this world never will be “safe for Democracy.”

2021: The Year of the American Coup
Heartless: Donald J. Trump | Brainless: Shaban Jafari

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