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May 15, 1953 — The Singleton Argus

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This was the sad, sole editorial in The Singleton Argus newspaper of Sydney, Australia.

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Twisting the Lionís tail

Every member of the British Commonwealth of Nations is perturbed and amazed at the arrogance of Egyptís ultimatum to Britain over the Suez Canal, and Britainís indecisiveness in handling the threat.

Weakened though she was by the strain of World War II, patriots of the Empire would not accept the opinion, sneeringly expressed in some foreign countries, that Britain was done for, and had degenerated into a fourth-class power.

But even the staunch patriots find their heads bending in shame when they see the proud lionís tail being twisted by such insignificant countries as the Argentine, [sic] Persia and Egypt.

Too many instances have occurred, in recent years, of Britons being subjected to indignities and ridicule by political upstarts, who openly laugh at Britainís mild and apologetic protests, couched in terms of international niceties and excessive politeness.

A little more of the bulldog aggressiveness in protecting her rights and people would restore our confidence in Britainís leadership, and show the Neguibs, the Mossadeqs and the Perons that the lionís backbone has not been replaced by a wishbone. [Gen. Muhammad Naguib in Egypt, Premier Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran and Juan Peron in Argentina]


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