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October 23, 1952 — The Palm Beach Post

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Editorial in The Palm Beach Post newspaper (West Palm Beach, Florida).

Deadly ‘Chess’ Game

Wailing Premier Mossadegh of Iran is still blowing hot and cold.

First, he announces to the Iranians who happen to have radios—if they have cash enough to buy one or keep it in order—that he’s decided to break off diplomatic relations with that arch enemy Britain. But shortly afterward he announced that while a break with Britain is inevitable, the two countries can “still remain friendly.”

These appear to be more gyrations by the volatile Mossadegh who appears bent on keeping Iran broke, and the world unsure of his next move in his game of deadly chess with the West and Soviet Russia. The United States and Great Britain recently made a generous offer to settle the long-standing oil controversy with Iran. But to no avail. Mossadegh would have none of it. He wanted even more. The Western nations refused to budge an inch from the earlier excellent offer.

Now, Mossadegh announces that Iran will definitely break with England. What does that mean?

It can mean but one thing. Iran will grow poorer and poorer, until she is ripe for plucking by Soviet Russia, and there is no doubt that the Kremlin long has had its vicious eye on Iranian oil, because the Reds need it to bolster their war potential.

Russia and her satellite vassals are all short of oil for a war of any great length. By the same token, the Western Nations (NATO) badly needs Iranian oil, too.

It seems foolish to us that the West can continue to attempt to deal with a man of the type represented by Mohammed Mossadegh, who has many times shown his insincerity in any kind of negotiations.

In the meantime, Iran breaks with Britain.

Then what? Who will get Iran’s valuable oil in the long run?

The answer remains to still be unveiled!

Truman and Mossadegh’s First Messages on Iran Oil Dispute (1951)
President Truman and Premier Mossadegh's First Messages on Iran Oil Dispute (1951)


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