Emotional High Jinx
November 12, 1953 — The Honolulu Advertiser

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Trial of Mossadegh

An editorial on the trial of former Premier Mossadegh in The Honolulu Advertiser newspaper of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Wily Old Fox

Dictators sometimes die hard. Ailing, old Mohammed Mossadegh, the fainting phenomenon of Iran, is a case in point. During his trial for life on charges of treason, the wily ex-dictator has come up with a display of courtroom histrionics that indicate a foxy plan to outbaffle the prosecution and save his skin, or the need for a psychiatrist.

He has fainted, wept, wailed, attacked the judge and prosecutor, fired his defense lawyer and behaved generally as if he were a candidate for a straitjacket. The only evidence that such is not the case is Mossadegh’s record of past performance. He has relied on similar emotional hijinks on other occasions to gain his ends.

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