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October 6, 1951 — The Chicago Tribune

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Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, twin sister of the Shah of Iran Here’s an unusual item from The Chicago Tribune news service which ran in various U.S. papers, reporting on a story in the French magazine Aux Ecoutes du Monde about Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, twin sister of the Shah.

It’s a highly unreliable, incestuous, almost farcical excuse for journalism, not unlike much of the media today.

Shah Forced To Exile Sister, Paper Reports

Copyright, 1951, by the Chicago Tribune

Paris, Oct. 5—The weekly newspaper Aux Ecoutes today states that the Shah of Iran was forced by Premier Mossadegh to send his sister, Princess Ashraf, into exile at Lugano, Switzerland.

“She hated Premier Rasmara (who was assassinated) [Gen. Ali Razmara] and despised Mossadegh,” the weekly says. “Recently Mossadegh accused her of organizing a plot to overthrow the throne.”

Aux Ecoutes says that when the striking, mannish Ashraf went to Moscow, she made a tremendous impression on Stalin, [Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin] and that it was she who persuaded her brother to hand over his properties and estates to the people.

“She was allied with the Communists,” the article says, “and when this was proven, the Shah consented to exile her.” [ridiculous]

Despite her 31 years, Ashraf has refused to marry so she could better aid and counsel her irresolute, almost feminine, brother,” says the weekly. [Nonsense, she was on her second marriage at the time]

Truman and Mossadegh’s First Messages on Iran Oil Dispute (1951)
President Truman and Premier Mossadegh's First Messages on Iran Oil Dispute (1951)

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