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October 9, 1951 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

The Mossadegh Project | October 16, 2015     

In anticipation of Mossadegh’s UN appearance, The Buffalo Courier-Express penned the following commentary.


With Premier Mohammed Mossadegh in New York for his scheduled appearance before the United Nations Security Council, developments in Iran’s oil deadlock with Britain seem due for headlines. At least it may be hoped they are.

Whatever histrionics the aged premier may produce for the edification of Security Council members are expected to have little effect on the deadlock. Mr. Mossadegh’s announced purpose is to insist before the Security Council that the dispute is an Iranian internal affair and therefore none of the Council’s concern.

But the fact that four members of Iran’s Oil Board are accompanying the premier is regarded as an encouraging sign. It is taken as an indication that a resumption of negotiations with Britain is a definite possibility.

It is evident that nothing can happen if no further talks are held. It also is evident that both Iran and Britain stand to lose plenty if the situation remains as it is.

Only in continued discussion is there a chance of some solution providing mutual benefits. The size of the stake both countries have in such a solution should paved the way for constructive consultation, particularly in the atmosphere of the United States, which already has done so much to try to find a basis for agreement.

Good will on both sides could go a long way toward assuring Iran of the revenues she so desperately needs and assuring the availability of her vast oil resources for the use of the nations of the free world—but Mossadegh’s expression of ill will when he landed in America indicates that he personally is in no mood to help. [It’s unclear what alleged “expression” they referrred to]

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