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October 1, 1951 — The Battle Creek Enquirer

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An editorial on Iran in The Battle Creek Enquirer newspaper of Battle Creek, Michigan.

UN Last, Best Hope Left
For Settlement In Iran

The United Nations again is to be put to the test as an agency for world order in the role of arbiter of the explosive Iranian oil dispute. The world can hope that it will rise to the occasion. Otherwise, the explosion which has been imminent ever since Iran nationalized its oil industry may be expected to take place.

Iran and England, even with United States’ mediation, have failed to stamp out the fuse. Iran refused to accept the recommendation of the world court that Britain be permitted to run its oil operations until a legal settlement could be reached. The supra-national forum of the UN is the last, best hope remaining.

It is possible that when Premier Mossadegh gets to New York, away from the clamor of his fanatical countrymen and into the quiet atmosphere of the security council, he will see the issues in more rational light. He may be better able to see the grim consequences of his own intransigence when they are pointed out to him by disinterested international observers. A similar influence may be felt, to a lesser extent, by Britain’s delegate, Sir Gladwin Jebb. [sic—Gladwyn Jebb]

No dispute is beyond adjustment while the disputants have a sincere desire to settle it and are able to use reason to that end. In this case the desire for settlement undoubtedly is present, by both political and economic necessity.

The vital ingredient is reason. It is up to the UN security council to furnish it. Contributing to a settlement should be Iran’s realization that if its oil is kept off the market, the market will have found other firm sources. Already production is being boosted in other parts of the Middle East, and distribution is being rearranged to offset the loss of Iranian oil.

Unless Iran’s production is resumed soon, Mr. Mossadegh may find himself trying to sell his oil to a world that has found it can get along quite well without it. All in all, the latest developments seem to encourage the belief that explosion can still be averted in Iran.

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