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July 25, 1952 — The Arizona Republic

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After the overthrow of King Farouk, this ironic editorial appeared in The Arizona Republic newspaper (Phoenix, Arizona).

Better Outlook In Egypt

A “strong man” has taken over his nation’s disordered, corrupt and generally unhappy affairs in Egypt. That is what Iran needs. Maj. Gen. Mohammed Naguib, who has seized control of the Egyptian army and demanded the appointment of a new premier, is the type of leader who probably will stand for no nonsense from rioting mobs, stirred up by Communists and organized-looters.

Aly Maher Pasha, whom General Naguib wants as premier, favored a regional pact between the Arab states, Egypt, Turkey, Great Britain, and the United States to control the Suez Canal. He was working to this end when he formerly held the office. A more stable government in Egypt might attract industrial capital which could do much for the underprivileged, unemployed masses.

The situation is almost identical in Iran. Wild nationalists, stirred up by Reds and the ever-present mobs of unemployed in the capital, prevented Premier Ahmed Qavam from remaining in office, possibly to carry out an orderly understanding with Great Britain over the operation of the Anglo-Iranian oil properties. [Ahmad Ghavam] With a strong man in control of Iran’s affairs, prosperity could return to that nation especially if the British were persuaded to be more liberal and if the United States should do more toward building up Iran as a bulwark of defense against the Soviet Union.

It is almost vital to stable world conditions that Egypt, seated as she is astride the Suez Canal, the gateway between the Mediterranean and the Orient, be friendly to the democratic allies of the West, With a “new deal” in Egypt, a danger spot can be eliminated in the anti-Communist world.

The U.S.-Britain Alliance To Erase Mossadegh Was Not Inevitable
The U.S.-Britain Alliance To Erase Mossadegh Was Not Inevitable


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