Rioting Reported Again In Iran
January 22, 1962 — The Associated Press

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Tehran University was the scene of major anti-government demonstrations on Sunday and Monday, January 21st and 22nd 1962, resulting in violent confrontations with the Shah’s security forces.

Later that year, a U.S. government memo estimated that the Shah would not last more than 3-5 years.

Police In Tehran Club Demonstrators

AP (The Associated Press) Tehran, Iran, Jan. 22—(AP)— Police clashed again with anti-government demonstrators in Tehran today, breaking up several meetings in the bazaar quarter of the city.

Clubs were used against a number of the crowd who had been shouting pro-Mossadegh slogans in support of the opposition National Front.

Former Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh, who nationalized Iran’s oil industry and tried to overthrow the shah, [false] remains a rallying point, particularly for Iranian students. He is confined to his home village 45 miles west of Tehran. [Ahmadabad]

The demonstrations protested the occupation of the Tehran University campus by security forces after riots there Sunday in which at least 200 students were arrested and 180 persons—including 80 policemen—were injured.

The police moved in after 6,000 students demonstrated against the government.

There was no indication from the government how long the university would remain closed. But a university spokesman said that so much equipment had been damaged in the class Sunday that it was unlikely classes would be resumed for some time.

A government spokesman said the rally started as a protest against dismissal of three students, then was stirred to violence by agitators opposed to the Shah’s land reform program.

Student spokesmen said the demonstration was called to demand free government scholarships in the teachers college.

Alternate headlines:

Riots Erupt In Tehran
Demonstrators And Tehran Cops Battle
Clash Staged in Tehran; Clubs Are Used
180 Hurt In Iran Fighting
Tehran Police, Crowd Clash
Tehran Scene of More Riots
Iran Police, Pupils Clash; 180 Injured
Iranian Police Clash with Demonstrators
Police Fight Iran Mob
Police Clash With Mobs in Tehran
Police Smash Tehran Riots
Police Battle Iran Rioters


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