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December 16, 1951 — The Associated Press

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When Iran nationalized her oil resources in 1951, bringing production to a standstill, other oil suppliers benefited from the increase in demand. Here is how one group of oil men showed their appreciation...

Texas Oil Men Cite Mossadegh

AP (The Associated Press) Abilene, Tex., Dec. 5 (AP)—A group of Texas oil men tonight cited Iran’s premier as the person who has done the most for “the American oil industry in 1951.”

A potted geranium was presented Mohammed Mossadegh in absentia at a West Central Texas Oil and Gas Association banquet. The citation said Mossadegh, who recently nationalized his country’s oil industry, had “upset every applecart within reach, including his own.”

It added that while U.S. “statesmen are literally knocking themselves out trying to find means of giving away this nation’s resources our winner has actually succeeded in taking something from the British.”

Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark was cited in 1950 for “eliminating tidelands from competition with our local inland oil fields.” It went to John L. Lewis in 1949 for “inventing the no-day work week.”

The Eisenhower - Mossadegh Cables: Complete Exchange of Messages
The Eisenhower - Mossadegh Cables: Complete Exchange of Messages

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