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Charges Ike Meddles In Iran Affairs

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TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Tehran newspapers supporting premier Mohammed Mossadegh today accused President Eisenhower of meddling in strictly Iranian affairs.

Angered by the President’s comments Tuesday to the annual Governors’ Conference in Seattle, the pro-government morning paper Shuresh snapped: “Iran needs no interference by foreigners. The nation has no need of a nurse.”

Eisenhower told the governors that the advance of Communism in Iran and southeast Asia has created a “very ominous” threat to American security.

Describing Iran as in a weakened condition as far as the free world is concerned, the President declared:

“I believe you read in the paper this morning that Mossadegh has moved toward getting rid of his Parliament and of course he was supported by the Communist–the Tudeh–Party of Iran.”

A “third force” party newspaper, Nirouye Sevom, which is strongly backing Mossadegh in his fight to get rid of the 23-man opposition rump Parliament, said editorially: “The nation has interpreted Eisenhower's statement as unwanted interference in the affairs of Iran.”

Alternate headlines:

Ike Is Accused By Iran Newspapers
Premier's Supporters Angered by Remarks Of U.S. President

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