August 5, 1953 — The Amsterdam Evening Recorder and Daily Democrat

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Editorial on Iran in a newspaper covering the city of Amsterdam and Montgomery County, New York.


Premier Mohammed Mossadegh’s “rule or ruin” policy won overwhelming endorsement in Tehran Monday, when 50,000 screaming, marching Communists joined the premier’s supporters in voting dissolution of the Majlis, all that is left of Iran’s inactive Parliament.

Most followers of Mossadegh’s chief opponent, Moslem leader Ayatullah Kashani, boycotted the referendum. [Ayatollah Kashani] As a result only a scattering of votes were cast by anti-Mossadegh factions. Later elections are scheduled in other parts of Iran but with the opposition abstaining from voting, Mossadegh appears certain of obtaining his objective—complete control over the legislative as well as the executive branches of government.

Ever since Mossadegh threw British oil interests out of his country, unhappy Iran has been moving steadily toward national bankruptcy. He spurned all efforts of the United States to arrange a compromise and rejected all British concessions. Meanwhile Iran’s wealth of oil remains underground or in overflowing tanks. Invitations to prospective purchasers to “come and get it” have gone unheeded.

Mossadegh’s original objective was to obtain larger royalties from British interests which operated Iran’s rich oil industry. Now it appears he is attempting to set up a dictatorship. Presumably he believes he can accomplish more if parliamentary restraints are removed.

History shows that dictators never improve the lot of the citizens they rule and it is highly improbable that Iranians will be any better off under a dictatorship.

At First, the U.S. Was Optimistic About New Premier Mossadegh
Estimate of the Political Strength of the Mosadeq Government (U.S. Embassy in Iran, May 1951)

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