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March 21, 1952 — U.S. Editorial

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This non-syndicated editorial was published in numerous U.S. newspapers. The Southeast Missourian, “An Independent Newspaper” established in 1904 and published by Naeter Bros., Inc., ran two editorials on March 25th. The first, about Russia’s stance on Germany (The Right Reply.) was also unoriginal.

Still No Oil

As long as the ailing Mossadegh remains prime minister of Iran, there seems to be little prospect that Iranian oil will flow again to Western markets. A fourth attempt to solve Iranian’s oil difficulties, which have brought production to an absolute standstill, has failed.

It is true that predictions of a quick economic collapse in Iran, following cessation of oil revenues, have not been borne out. But the West needs Iranian oil.

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development made the fourth vain attempt to reach a solution. The Iranians seized upon the bank’s proposal for the use of British technicians as a pretext for scuttling the negotiations. The actual differences concerned technicalities of pricing and distribution of oil. Whether a new premier, less intransigent than Mossadegh, could reach an understanding with the West is doubtful.

The first requisite to progress in this direction would seem to be cessation of anti-British propaganda and a more realistic estimate of Iran’s real national interest, which cannot lie either in neutrality or in close relationship with Russia.

Newspapers who ran this editorial under their masthead included:

The Evening Independent (Massillon, Ohio) — March 21, 1952
The Times (San Mateo, California) — March 24, 1952
The Index-Journal (Greenwood, South Carolina) — March 24, 1952 (titled: Still, No Oil)
The Waco News-Tribune (Waco, Texas) — March 24, 1952
The Southeast Missourian (Cape Girardeau, Missouri) — March 25 (titled: Still, No Oil From Iran.)
The Towanda Daily Review (Towanda, Pennsylvania) — March 31 (lead editorial)


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