November 1, 1952 — U.S. Editorial

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This non-syndicated editorial was published under the masthead of various U.S. newspapers between around Nov. 1 and Nov. 12, 1952.

Lesson For Mossadegh

Premier Mohammed Mossadegh might do well to consult history to see what happens when mob violence is turned loose in a country. In order to win concessions from Britain and the United States he has aroused his people to a fever pitch of nationalism. To hide his own mistakes and inadequacies he has encouraged anti-American and anti-British feeling, and while he fears and dislikes communism, he has helped the Red party to grow in strength in Iran. On the Shah’s birthday Communists and Nationalists staged riots and there were loud cries of “death to the Shah.”

When the genuine reformers in the French Revolution lost control to the fanatics a reign of terror followed which destroyed thousands of innocent people. The mobs took over and for a long time the ideals of liberty, equality, fraternity were replaced by violence and bloodshed.

In Egypt last year King Farouk encouraged the mobs to riot against the Americans and British. Soon the riots were against his government and against all that represented law and order. Farouk is now an ex-monarch.

There are countless examples of ruthless leaders who used mob violence for their own ends only to be destroyed by it. It would be well for Mossadegh to note these examples before it is too late for him to profit by such notice.

Newspapers that published this editorial included:

The Bradford Era (Bradford, Pennsylvania) - November 1, 1952
The Terre Haute Tribune (Terre Haute, Indiana) - November 1, 1952 (titled The Mob Habit)
The Evening News (Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan) - November 3, 1952
The Kokomo Tribune (Kokomo, Indiana) - November 4, 1952
The Daily Republican-Register (Mount Carmel, Illinois) - November 6, 1952
The Kingston Daily Freeman (Kingston, New York) - November 12, 1952 (untitled/abbreviated, only used first paragraph)


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