A Diplomatic Victory
April 30, 1952 — U.S. Editorial

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This unusually positive, non-syndicated editorial was published under the masthead of various U.S. newspapers in April and May 1954.

Change In Iran

Iran has agreed to take its place with the nations opposed to communism. In a formal note requesting that the United States resume shipment of arms aid to his country, Premier Mohammed Mossadegh stated that his country will support the United Nations, build up its own military defenses and resist attack from any direction. Under terms of the mutual security act it was necessary for Iran to make this statement of support and readiness to defend itself before shipment of arms could be resumed.

When the controversy over nationalization of oil in Iran last year broke that country’s ties with England it was feared that radical elements in Iran would deliver that oil rich land into the hands of the communists. During the crisis a great wave of popular antipathy toward the West was raised in Iran. But apparently wily old Mossadegh is not going to be used as a monkey’s paw to pull soviet chestnuts out of the fire.

Smaller nations just emerging into nationalism sometimes feel that they have serious grievances with the West over past treatment. This awakening nationalism in some countries has lead [sic—led] to bloodshed and rioting, as it did Egypt. But when the furor quiets a bit intelligent leaders know that their countries have a much greater chance to make progress under a policy of friendship with the West than they would under an alliance with Russia. The change in Iran’s position can be registered as a diplomatic victory for the democracies.

Newspapers that published this editorial included:

The Vidette - Messenger (Valparaiso, Indiana) — April 30, 1952 (lead editorial)
The Terre Haute Tribune (Terre Haute, Indiana) — May 5, 1952 (lead editorial)
The Bradford Era (Bradford, Pennsylvania) — May 6, 1952
The Daily Republican-Register (Mount Carmel, Illinois) — May 7, 1952
The News-Palladium (Benton Harbor, Michigan) — May 9, 1952

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