Churchill and the Shah’s Messages

Renewing Anglo-Persian Friendship After Oil Pact

The Mossadegh Project | October 21, 2019                     

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

Following announcement of the Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954, the British Foreign Office released these messages between Winston Churchill and the Shah of Iran.

British Foreign Office | Iran Documents (1951-1954)
Iran Oil Consortium | Archive of Documents (1953-1954)


[Winston Churchill to the Shah of Iran]

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill It is a great advantage to both our countries that agreement has been reached on the oil problem. I am very glad that Your Imperial Majesty has taken such a close interest in the negotiations. Your support has been of paramount importance and will continue to be so. I look forward to a successful conclusion of the whole affair and to the strengthening of the traditional friendship between the United Kingdom and Persia.

THE SHAH’S REPLY [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi]

Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi I am most grateful for the interest which I know you have shown in an oil settlement. I am confident that you have done your best to reach an honorable agreement. I am certain that in future events will only arise which will further strengthen Anglo Persian relations. I am convinced that very close relationships between our two countries are profitable not only to us, but to the whole free world.

• Letters released August 8, 1954


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