Sec. Dulles Hails U.S.-Iran Friendship After Coup

Welcoming Ambassador Entezam — Oct. 22, 1953

Arash Norouzi
The Mossadegh Project | May 9, 2014                     

U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles’ statement on U.S.-Iran relations following the takeover by the new coup government is shown here as it ran in The Department of State Bulletin on November 2, 1953.

On the occasion of welcoming the new Iranian Ambassador in a personal meeting at the State Department, Dulles salutes the illegal royalist regime in its task of “recovering from the effects of the recent Communist-abetted disorders” — a belittling reference to the non-Communist, democratic Mossadegh government he and his brother had helped overturn in August.

The fresh injection of $45 million in emergency aid, Dulles adds, is “concrete evidence” of America’s “friendship and concern” for the Iranian people.

U.S.-Iranian Friendship

Statement by Secretary Dulles 1

[October 22, 1953]

It is a pleasure to greet Dr. Nazrollah Entezam as Ambassador-Designate of Iran to the United States and as a respected friend of long standing. [sic—Nasrollah]

United Nations Ambassador Nasrollah Entezam (Iran) Dr. Entezam is no stranger here, having served his country in a similar capacity in the past. He also has served his country with distinction as Iran’s representative to the United Nations, being president of the General Assembly 2 years ago, and has furthered the cause of free people everywhere through his devotion to and energetic support of the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter.

Under the leadership of the Shah and Premier Zahedi [Gen. Fazlollah Zahedi], Iran today is recovering from the effects of the recent Communist-abetted disorders and is striving to overcome serious economic dislocations which have come about during the past 2 years. The United States, as a means of helping Iran carry out urgent measures to stabilize her economy, has extended $45 million in emergency aid, in addition to that previously granted under the technical-cooperation program.

These constitute concrete evidence of the friendship and concern of the United States toward Iran and our desire that Iran prosper as an independent country and a respected member of the family of free nations.

It is with genuine pleasure that I look forward to working with Dr. Entezam in furthering the mutual feeling of friendship and respect that already exists between our two countries, sharing as they do the desire for freedom and the hope that peace shall prevail in the world.

1 Made on receiving the new Iranian Ambassador on Oct. 22
(press release 586). Dr. Entezam previously served as Ambassador
in Washington from September 1950 to September 1952.


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