Mossadegh in America
Historic United Nations Appearance and U.S. Tour, 1951

Arash Norouzi
The Mossadegh Project
| March 27, 2007       

Premier Mossadegh with President Harry Truman In the fall of 1951, Dr. Mossadegh embarked upon a six week trip to the United States, mainly to defend Iran's contested oil nationalization before the United Nations Security Council.

After New York, Mossadegh's itinerary included stops in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Virginia. He met with President Harry Truman, visited the Supreme Court as the guest of Justice William O. Douglas, and toured historic U.S. landmarks with Philadelphia mayor Bernard Samuels. The premier also gave talks at the National Press Club in DC and the World Affairs Council in Philadelphia.

All expenses for the trip, including that of his son and daughter who accompanied him, were paid by Mossadegh himself. Upon leaving the United States, Mossadegh went directly to Cairo, where he was greeted by millions of Egyptian supporters.

Mossadegh in the United States — October 8 - November 18, 1951
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Mossadegh at the United Nations

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