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Anthony Eden and Abdollah Entezam’s Messages

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Messages released to the media between British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and Iranian Foreign Minister Abdollah Entezam following the conclusion of the Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954.

British Foreign Office | Iran Documents (1951-1954)
Iran Oil Consortium | Archive of Documents (1953-1954)

Message from the Foreign Secretary to the Persian Foreign Minister, delivered on August 5th. [Anthony Eden to Abdollah Entezam]

British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden I send you my warm congratulations on the announcement that agreement in principle has been reached on all aspects of the oil problem.

I am convinced that a settlement on the lines that have been negotiated will be in the interests of Persia and can bring great benefits to her. I am particularly glad to know that it has been possible to satisfy both Persia’s aspirations and the practical requirements of the oil industry. I see in this the best assurance that the agreement will endure.

We have now the opportunity of restoring relationships between our two countries to their traditional friendship. You know how much I have desired this and I know full well how hard General Zahedi and you have worked for the same cause. [Premier Fazlollah Zahedi] I am sure that our two countries can now go forward together in confidence and goodwill.

The Persian Foreign Minister’s Reply [Abdollah Entezam to Eden]

Iranian Foreign Minister Abdollah Entezam (1895-1983) I am most grateful for the sincere congratulations which you offered on the agreement in principle reached between the Persian Government, the National Iranian Oil Company, and the representatives of the eight oil companies. I am especially grateful for the attention and consideration given by the senior members of Her Majesty’s Government to this matter.

The Prime Minister and I know well how energetically you have worked to re-establish relationships between our two countries and we hope that, now that the means have been secured for a broadening of friendly relations, we will be able, through good will and mutual trust, to be even more successful in achieving our common aims.

I take this opportunity of conveying my sincere regard.


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