"Oil Pact Insults Iran, Mossadegh Says in Jail"
September 9, 1954 - The Associated Press

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AP (The Associated Press) TEHERAN, IRAN, Sept. 9 (AP) — Former Premier Mohammed Mossadegh has called Iran's new oil pact an "insult" to the nation.

In a handwritten brief addressed to the Shah and the Supreme Court, and made public today, Dr. Mossadegh said the pact means "the enslavement of my country for forty years."

He alleged the international eight-company oil consortium that recently concluded this pact with Iran was wholly controlled by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, the British company whose holdings Dr. Mossadegh nationalized in 1951.

Dr. Mossadegh wrote the brief while in his second year of a three-year sentence of solitary confinement for trying to overthrow the Shah.

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