"Mossadegh Denies Authority of Court"
November 11, 1953 - The Associated Press

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AP (The Associated Press) TEHERAN, IRAN, -Nov. 11 (AP) — Mohammed Mossadegh declared today an army court has no right to try him, because as premier, he decreed the dissolution of army courts to "improve Iran's judicial law."

With a Puckish grin, the aged Nationalist leader warned the five-man tribunal headed by Gen. Nasrollah Moghbeli:

"I issued more than 200 judicial decrees. If you want to disregard this one, you must disregard all the rest."

The decrees were issued, he said, under a mandate from the Majlis, the lower House of Parliament.

Illegal dissolution of the Majlis is one of the charges against Mossadegh, the emotional old Nationalist leader deposed in the Aug. 19 royalist revolt. He is also accused of defying Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi and trying to overthrow the monarchy.

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