"Poland Seeks Oil From Iran"
January 3, 1952 - The Associated Press

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Polish Government Bids For Iranian Oil

AP (The Associated Press) Teheran, Iran, Jan. 3 (AP) — Poland put out a feeler yesterday to see if she could strike up a barter for Iranian oil. The tentative bid reportedly involves a half-milion tons of fuel.

Kazimierz Smiganowski, Polish minister to Iran, called on Premier Mohammed Mossadegh to discuss a deal whereby Poland would give Iran manufactured and processed goods in exchange for Iranian oil. It was not explained how the oil would be transported from Iran to Poland.

Poland is the second Communist land to approach Iran for oil. Czechoslovakia is sending a delegation here to talk over such a deal.

Britain has warned she would consider any Iranian oil sales illegal until the settlement of her dispute with Iran over nationalization of the British-owned Anglo Iranian Oil Company.

Western nations, which control the world's oil tankers, have boycotted Iranian oil.

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