"Mossadegh Takes Over as New Iranian Premier"
April 30, 1951 — The Associated Press

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Oil Nationalization Due Soon; Asks For May Day Calm

AP (The Associated Press) Tehran, Iran (AP)— F. Mohammed Mossadegh, the man who has vowed to drive all foreign influence out of Iran and nationalize the country's vast oil wealth, moved into the office of premier today and urged this nervous country to remain calm during Communist-sparked May Day demonstrations.

Mossadegh, whose Nationalist party campaign has brought the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company within hours of nationalization, took over the duties of premier without any formality although the Shah had not yet signed the decree placing him in the post. The Shah was to sign the decree later in the day.

Mossadegh said there would be no legal ban on demonstrations tomorrow marking May Day, international labor day but that instead he was appealing to the public for peaceful celebrations. Only yesterday police had made public a ban on demonstrations decreed by Hussein Ala before his resignation was forced by the unanimous vote of the lower House of Parliament to nationalise the British oil company.

An aide of Mossadegh said the new ban would not be enforced because the new premier wanted to avoid provoking trouble. Meanwhile the "May Day Committee", a front for the underground Tudeh (Communist) party, distributed leaflets calling for workers demonstrations in Parliament Square tomorrow.

With Iranian seizure of the British oil company virtually a foregone conclusion, observers are expressing fear that Iran's already shaky economy may be headed for chaos and that the country might become easy pray for the Communists and for neighbor Soviet Russia.

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