“Common Sense and Judgement” Suggested
August 11, 1954 — The Amsterdam Evening Recorder and Daily Democrat

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This is an editorial from a newspaper covering the city of Amsterdam and Montgomery County, New York — Wednesday, August 11, 1954. The money quote:

“...the oil companies were willing to accept almost any reasonable arrangement from Mossadegh...”
No, there was only one company (AIOC), and they were anything but reasonable.

Agreement in Iran

At the peak of the power of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran, foreign oil companies were ousted from the country. Oil production dropped and revenue for Iran dropped.

The stubbornness of watery-eyed Mossadegh on the oil question caused trouble throughout the world. Now, after several years of bickering and loss to everyone concerned, an agreement has been reached which will reactivate Iran’s oil industry to the profit of private investors and the country.

Had common sense and judgement been employed when the oil crisis came to a head in Iran the years of unproductiveness could have been avoided. At the time the oil companies were willing to accept almost any reasonable arrangement from Mossadegh, who has since fallen from power and is now imprisoned. Mossadegh had used the oil question as a lever to pry more and more power for himself.

There is scarcely any question which cannot be settled by reasonable men willing to make the effort. But an effort is required by both parties to any controversy. It is too bad that the effort is frequently delayed until great damage has been done.

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